Be your own coach.

Ever tried to coach YOURSELF? Learn how to be your own coach in fun and impactful online workshops.


You will be guided along simple, actionable steps that help you tackle your topic and allow you to coach yourself. 


See our schedule below for upcoming events - the next one might be just a few days away!

Upcoming Workshops

We add new workshops regularly and post the details as soon as they are available. Be sure to check in from time to time! If you'd like to be notified when there is something new, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter.


  Unleash your inner entrepreneur 🇬🇧

15 September 2021

6 pm CET


Selbst-Coaching für Gründer:innen 🇩🇪

20 September 2021

12 pm CET

CT ueber.png

Self-coaching for leaders Limited series 🇬🇧

11 - 15 October 2021

Every day at 2pm CET

Recording available until 10/31

Slide deck available until 11/7